Magafile users? (Joe Rose) Marcia Tuttle 29 Dec 1998 11:53 UTC

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Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 21:57:11 -0500
From: A Rose <4buds@GTE.NET>
Subject: Magafile users?

Hello all,

For several years now, my library has used a product called the "Magafile"
(from a company in St. Louis) to store our unbound periodicals on the
shelves.  Last year we placed an order and waited, and waited, and
waited.... After several phone calls answered only by a recording, I
finally happened to get a human on the line who told me the shipment would
be sent "next week."  Again, we waited, and waited, and ....  We never
received the products, and finally had to cancel in order to buy another
filing container.

My question(s): has anybody else who uses the Magafile product had
problems trying to get orders filled?  Does anyone know whether or not the
company is still in business?  Has anyone else found a product similar?
(We liked it because of the large number of different sizes for the myriad
number of periodicals sizes.)


Joe H. Rose
Florida College
119 N. Glen Arven Ave.
Temple Terrace, FL