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Colorado magazine (Yvonne Stroup) Stephen Clark 04 Jan 1999 21:51 UTC

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Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 14:34:41 MST7MDT
Subject: Colorado magazine

What a way to to start the new year!  Would some one from CONSER like
to take a look at the record for Colorado magazine (OCLC #1564190)?
It has 3 785 fields.  If 785/1 ::$tColorado heritage is correct, then
I question 785/2 and 785/3

  785 00  $t Colorado heritage $x 0272-9377 $w (DLC)   82643444
$w (OCoLC)6966345
  785 17  $t Essays and monographs in Colorado history $x
0899-0409 $w (DLC)sf 8912415 $w (OCoLC)12119130
  785 17  $t Colorado history (Denver, Colo.) $x 1091-7438 $w
(DLC)   98640954 $w (OCoLC)35951766

I've worked with this string of titles previously and it left me
totally confused.

Thanks for you help,


Yvonne Stroup
Serials Cataloger
Marriott Library
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
801 581-6046