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Re: ceasing paper, continuing web (Rachel Hollis) Stephen Clark 06 Jan 1999 14:02 UTC

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Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 15:55:25 PST
Subject: ceasing paper, continuing web

to summarize the responses i received as a result of my question of november
30, 1998 on how best to deal with publications who cease in paper format but
continue publishing on the web:

i received four responses, one of which was a request for a summery.  one
respondent said that their library pretty much leaves the bibliographic
record as is to reduce patron confusion ("Our patrons find it harder when we
close the print record and add an electronic one.  They don't seem to care
about the format as long as we carry the title in some form and make the bib
information as simple as possible.").  two respondents felt that a new
record should be created for the new format and the ceased print record
closed.  one of those respondents said that they do use the one record
approach if they are getting both the paper and the online version of the
same title ("We do this regardless of whether or not the title is the same
and don't even worry too much about if it falls into the category of
'equivalent intellectual content'") but continued to say that if the paper
ceased it was a whole other story ("You can no longer say that you have
different versions of the same thing, and there's no chance that it will
still be 'equivalent intellectual content.'").  the other respondent quoted
from the conser cataloging manual (31.19) and from lc rules interpretation
(21.3b).  the arguments and rules presented by these two pretty much set me
on the straight and narrow.  looks as if this library will begin creating
new records for items that change from print format to web... at least until
our patrons or reference librarians start to complain.


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