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Re: Identify latest issue rec'd? (John Lucas) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 26 Jan 1999 14:40 UTC

Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 07:54:01 -0600
From: John Lucas <jlucas@ROWLAND.UMSMED.EDU>
Subject: Re: Identify latest issue rec'd? (Anne Bunting)


At my previous institution, we had as part of the current journal shelves
2 sections that were for display of the current issues only.  These were
fixed  slanted display shelves made of wood.  Although there were 8 of
these shelves, as a medical school library, often times, there was not
enough room to display them all.  Any remaining issues were shelved with
the rest of the current issues.  The following day, they were removed and
new ones checked in the previous work day were put in their place.
Because of the limited space, the faculty, would go to the journals in
their interest.

At this institution, we have the metal slanted display shelves and storage
for the previous issues beneath them.  The users look through all of the
issues anyway to find what they want.

If space is a consideration, you might look into an old (or new) magazine
rack.  We have an old one in our staff lounge.  It has long thin vertical
shelves which cover the bottom portion of the journal leaving the top
visible for display.  Like in the 1999 Demco catalog page 765 "end of
range literature display ". Another thing i just spotted in  the latest
DEMCO catalog page 755 catalog for 1999 a " V " shaped stand that sets on
a table.  You could have your carpentry shop build you one (maybe put ends
on it) for the top of one of your tables.

John Lucas

Serials Librarian
University of Mississippi Medical Center
2500 North State St
Jackson, MS 39216-4505

(PH) (601) 984-1277

>>> <ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu> 01/21 11:34 AM >>>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 10:22:00 -0600
From: "Anne C. Bunting 448-5634" <ABUNTING@UTMEM1.UTMEM.EDU>
Subject: Do you identify the last issue received for patrons?

We have had a patron ask us to display the latest issue received of our
subscriptions.  We now have them in the reading room on shelves in boxes.

  We used to have the slanted shelves and put the old issues underneath =
but now
we just put them in boxes on the shelves.  In a branch library they used =
to put
a dot sticker on the cover.

Does anyone think this is important?  How do you handle this?