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Re: Journal of Contemporary Ethnography Jeanette Skwor 28 Jan 1999 15:51 UTC

Subject:      Re: Journal of Contemporary Ethnography

***I am getting queries on this offlist and writing to clarify.
Cofrin Library received the January 1999 issue of this title, which was
vol. 27 #4.  The February issue is vol. 28 #1.  I called Sage also, and
was told there will be 5 issues in volume 28, making 6 issues for the year.
I was also told the reason this information is not in the journal is
because they are not sure if the new schedule will continue beyond 1999.

***Thank you all for your help.  I do appreciate you!

Jeanette Skwor

> Can you tell me if the Feb issue
> of this title is v.27 no.4, or was a Jan issue published too? I saw the
> note to the list that this will be bimonthly now, but I'm trying to alter
> the issue before we get it. Thanks,
> Jean Lenville, Serials Librarian
> Univ. of Richmond, VA