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Re: Records for series & standing orders using DRA Ron Phillips 29 Jan 1999 14:17 UTC

         Reply to:   RE: Records for series & standing orders using DRA
There are numbered series we have that are classed separately, such as
the 'Twayne's' series, but these are pretty easy to set up as irregulars.  I
think you're asking about publishers series or series produced without
numbering?  In these cases if I want to keep track I set up an arbitrary
numbering system, using the year and a number per title, i.e. 1998:1, 1998:2,
and so on.  You can use a regular pattern if you know they come in, say,
4 times a year, or an irregular pattern if they vary.  Then I put the
title in the issue note field to be able to see at a glance what has come in.
We also use the 'STANDORD' purchase order type, so that each title paid
for is shown on the po record as a separate line item after being invoiced.

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Lisa German wrote:
>How do those of you using DRA Classic Serials check-in keep track of
>standing orders?  We would like to have serial check in records for
>items that are classed separately, but arrive regularly.  Any
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