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Merit pay for Serial Librarians (Karen Chobot) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 20 Jan 1999 15:58 UTC

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 09:31:21 -0600
From: Karen Chobot <chobot@PLAINS.NODAK.EDU>
Subject: Merit pay for Serial Librarians

Good morning Serialsters.  I have a question that is not precisely about
Serials, but is about the Serials Librarian job.  I hope that some of you
will have some experience with this process and can give me some advice.
Our campus is getting ready to implement a merit pay policy and is looking
for information about what kinds of ideas to implement for people to
document *merit*.

I would welcome any information anyone could pass on to me, since I have
never been involved in a merit system before.  The problem here, as I see
it, is that librarians will be involved in the same process as classified
staff, since we do not have faculty status.  So reponses from people in non
academic institutions will certainly be valuable as well.  I would like to
be evaluated simply as a serials librarian but suspect that a lot of other
things will be involved as well.  The human resources director has already
said that we are not to be compared to other librarians but against
standards here.  I would like to have information to refute that if possible!

Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks so much -

Karen M. Chobot, M.L.S.
Reference Librarian
Mildred Johnson Library
North Dakota State College of Science
800 6th St. N.
Wahpeton ND 58076

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