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Re: Diskettes accompanying books and journal issues (Jason Eyre) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 20 Jan 1999 23:43 UTC

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 12:46:58 +1000
From: Jason Eyre <Jason.Eyre@EPA.VIC.GOV.AU>
Subject: Re: Diskettes accompanying books and journal issues (Hunter Kevil)

Greetings all

Regarding the issue of what to do with diskettes accompanying books and
serials, in my own context (as a serials librarian in a small special
library dealing with environmental information) these diskettes (inc.
CD-ROMS) come in two flavours:

   'Junk' CD-ROMS with computer-related pubs (comprising various apps,
   games, etc.,) : we don't trouble ourselves documenting these CDs - the
   information thereon is generally public domain stuff available on the
   net, and besides, they usually have nothing to do with the core business
   of our patrons/clients. We keep them (uncatalogued, in date-of-receipt
   order) and would provide them if requested. It hasn't happened yet.
   Supplementary information CD-ROMS : much more important (and
   problematic). These comprise CDs containing supplementary scientific
   data, usually relating to a special issue of an academic/scientific
   journal. In these cases (or case, I should say - we've only had one so
   far) we treat the CD like a 'second volume' of any other publication. In
   other words, we make note  in our accessioning database (D/B Textworks)
   that a CD has been received with a particular issue, then create two
   separate loan records, one for each item. Because our A/V collection
   (including CDs) is separate to the Serials collection, we catalogue the
   CD like any other  A/V item, and then make a note on the paper copy that
   a CD exists as a supplement to the issue, including the A/V call number.
   That way we can trace both items through our loans system, and both
   items are linked despite their physical separation. We use the same
   approach with monographs.

I hope that sheds some light on the subject. I'd be interested to hear what
others have to say, or if anyone can see some potential problem with our
system that I'm too blinded by immediacy to perceive.


Jason Eyre
Serials and Acquisitions Librarian
Environment Protection Authority
477 Collins Street
GPO Box 4395QQ
Melbourne Victoria 3001