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Re: Backserv service (Sherry Petry) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 21 Jan 1999 21:28 UTC

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:26:21 -0500
From: Sherry Petry <spetry@CE1.AF.PUBLIC.LIB.GA.US>
Subject: Re: Backserv service (Sunee Grima)

I agree with Janet Essency that you should persevere with Backserv.  You
should scan the lists every day; sometimes I check twice.  It only takes a
few minutes.  The things I want seem to go fast, so you have to be quick
with your requests.  I have never checked the archives for similar
reasons; most libraries do not hang on to their extras very long, and if
you wait, what you need has already been spoken for.

We have no other reasonable way to get missing (stolen) issues and I am
loathe to bind incomplete volumes.

When I have things to discard, I am much more comfortable when I know that
500 other libraries have had a chance to speak up before I trash them.

Your perception of the retrieval rate may be correct;  I don't get
everything I need by a long shot, but sometimes patience wins the day.
The more who participate, the better our chances are, so do join us.

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