OCLC Passport and Windows 98 (Claudia Covert) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 12 Mar 1999 17:16 UTC

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 10:19:03 -0500
From: Claudia Covert <CCovert@JSR.CC.VA.US>
Subject: OCLC Passport and Windows 98

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question!  I had two problems,
one- I needed to install OCLC Passport by CD and two-
FrontPage 98 rewrites a file (winsock.dll) which gives me an
TCP/IP failed message when I try to open a session.
This is easily remedied (make a copy of the file from a computer
with Windows 98 and without FrontPage 98).
Now OCLC Passport and FrontPage 98 are working fine!
Thanks to Allison Little from Solinet for her personal call.
Here is some more info on Windows 98 and OCLC systems and software
that was sent to me by Lisa Corlee from the Missouri Library
Network newsletter.


OCLC has evaluated Windows 98 for compatibility with OCLC systems and
software. Users who install OCLC software on workstations running
factory-installed Windows 98 may need to take the steps outlined below to
ensure compatibility. Users who install Windows 98 on workstations that
already have OCLC software installed may not need to take these steps. User
results may vary by machine. Results of the OCLC evaluation follow.

OCLC M6300 and M6350 (Dell) workstations were used for the evaluation. One
workstation ran a Windows 98 upgrade (from Windows 95), and the other unit
ran a factory-installed version of Windows 98.

OCLC Access Suite 1.00

OCLC found you must use the OCLC Access Suite CD to install OCLC software
products in the Windows 98 environment. Windows 98 is not compatible with
the Product Services Web download or with the diskette versions of Passport
for Windows, ILL ME, or CJK version 2.11. Testing uncovered the following
problems when these methods were used:
During the process of extracting the self-extracting files an error occurs
during the unzip process after the file has been downloaded and saved to
disk. An error message states Could not create (file name)-aborting unzip
operation, and the process stops. Using the compact disc for installation
eliminates this error. For CatME for Windows, you can use the diskette
version for installation since program included with the diskette version is
compatible with Windows 98.
If users install the 16-bit programs (Passport for Windows, CJK, ILL ME) in
the Windows 98 environment without using the compact disc, a general
protection fault error occurs. The system takes over the file installation
process after the user has chosen the Set-up option. The user gets an error
message: Setup is unable to initialize the installation program, the script
file may be bad, OR This program has performed an illegal operation and will
be shut down. Installing from the compact disc solves this problem.

Printer Settings

While testing printing of bibliographic records in some of the OCLC Suite
components (CatME for Windows, the Label Program, CJK 2.11, and Passport for
Windows 1.10a), OCLC discovered a problem printing certain characters on
some laser printers. Characters such as the SOM (Start of Message)
character, EOM (End of Message) character, subfield delimiter character, and
diacritics do not print incorrectly. To solve this problem, change the
workstation's printer settings as follows:
Click the Start button, highlight Settings, and click Printers. Put the
cursor on Printer and right-click.
Left-click on Properties; choose the Fonts tab. In the box labeled True Type
Fonts, select Print True Type as Graphics.
Choose Apply and click Ok.
Note: The print character problem does not occur with the Okidata ML 391
printer that is recommended for use with CJK 2.11.

CatME for Windows 1.01 and 1.10

After installing CatME using the compact disc and setting the print font as
indicated, the software ran successfully. OCLC plans to support CatME for
Windows 1.01 and 1.10 running under Windows 98.

CJK 2.11 and 3.0

CJK 2.11 was installed from the compact disc and tested. Online cataloging
transactions completed successfully. Users may continue to use the Okidata
ML393 Plus or ML395 Plus printers to print bibliographic records and cards
in CJK 2.11 or CJK 2.11a.

Windows 98 does not support Unicode. Thus, CJK 3.0, which will be available
in early 1999, cannot be run in the Win98 environment. Windows NT 4.0 with
service pack 3 is required to run CJK 3.0.

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