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Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 11:37:54 -0600
From: John Lucas <>
Subject: Re: Periodical Issues as Monographs (John Radencich)


I think your intentions are very good.  You wish to maximize use of your
periodicals.  However, I feel there are a couple of things for your

You analyze them and put them in your "book" general collection.

1. If these titles are indexed in some of your available electronic
databases, how are they being cited?  By the title of the volume/issue
title  OR the title of the specific article?  Will the patron, be able to
find the title of the volume on your current on-line system with only the
title of the article? (Searching table of contents. 505 notes)

2.  Will / Can your Cataloging Dept. handle the extra work in adding full
bibliographic records for each volume / issue? (Some may have bib records
in a utility like OCLC for volumes (ie) Annals of NY. Acad. of Sci. .
However titles like Medical clinics of N.A. where each issue has a title
may be hit or miss)

We currently DO not separately list volumes or issues that have specific
titles.  This would overload our "book" collection and in any weeding
project, some volumes may be removed without realizing it. (is this bad? I
don't know) We would like to eventually have records for some of the
titles where the complete Volume has a title, but we would still shelve it
as a "journal"  (Medical Libraries generally do not attach a distinctive
call number [like LC] to journals, although NLM journal call numbers
exist.  All are W 1)

There is my 2 cents. (currently worth 1.5 cents)

John Lucas

Serials Librarian
University of Mississippi Medical Center
2500 North State St
Jackson, MS 39216-4505

(PH) (601) 984-1277

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Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 08:20:54 -0500
From: John Radencich <radencic@FIU.EDU>
Subject: Periodical Issues as Monographs

Autocat and Serialst members:

   Our library is investigating the possibility of analyzing periodicals
with issues that also have distinctive titles.  The issues would be kept
separately on our general collection shelves so they can circulate,
rather than be kept bound together in the periodicals area.  Whether
they have the same call number or numbered separately is not an issue at
the moment since the separate issues can be analyzed and circulated
either way.
   Do other libraries do this?  Who in your library makes the decision
to do this?  (Presumably this would be done on a case by case basis.)
What about time spent, both in regards to the cataloging, physically
preparing each issue to go on the circulating stacks, and so on?
   I have looked through the Autocat archives and haven't found anything
that I think address this specific issue (though I have found plenty
about cataloging "special issues" and so on).  This is not to say there
may not be messages dealing with this specific question.  I just haven't
found them as yet.
   Thank you for any replies you make on this subject.

John Radencich
Library-Cataloging Dept.
Florida International University
Miami, Florida 33199