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Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 09:26:03 -0700
From: Julia Franklin <jfrank@ISL.STATE.ID.US>
Subject: Re: Ergonomic workstations (3 messages)

A few years ago I developed sever pain in my neck, shoulder, and back.  At
that time I made the following changes to my work area.  I got a wave
keyboard.  The wave seperates my hands and keeps my shoulders at a natural

I got a new desk with the monitor inset into the desk.  There is a glass
panel on top of the desk so I can view the screen through the glass and
there is a movable hood to cut glare from the over head lights..  The desk
has two pull out shelves, on either side of the keyboard ,  so what I am
working from is close at hand.  I do have a pull out drawer for the
keyboard, but with the shelves on either side, I do not feel so far away
from my work.  Also my head is kept at a normal angle and I am not
continually looking up and down all day.

The best part of all of the changes, is my neck, shoulders and back are
feeling much better.

 The new keyboard takes some getting use to especially the way the hands
are seperated, but now it is hard to go back to a standard keyboard.  The
mouse is built into the key board with a touch pad.  So I am not
continually reaching up for the mouse. The touch pad also takes some
getting use to,
but my hands don't have to leave the angle they are on the key board to
use the mouse. To click all you have to do is tap the touch pad.  or there
are right and left buttons if you cannot do without them.

Idaho Correctional Industries built my desk to my specifications, but I
have seen similar workstations in business catalogs.

Julia Franklin
Serials LAI
Idaho State Library


Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 09:37:43 -0700
From: Michael Thompson <thompson@RESOURCENTER.COM>
Subject: Re: Ergonomic workstations (Deborah Harrell)

> We are looking into the possibility of changing our present 'computer on
> desktop' workareas into ergonic workstations.  I have perused some of the
> literature and looked at lots of catalogs from various vendors, but would
> really like to have someone come and analyze our entire technical services
> area (presently 8 people).

Found some great information on the following web site yesterday
regarding this very subject. Check it out:


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