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booklist issues (Carroll Skelton) Stephen Clark 02 Apr 1999 16:10 UTC

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Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 18:03:46 -0700
From: Carroll Skelton <DUPELIST@PUEBLO.LIB.CO.US>
Subject: booklist issues

serial list servers,
I need your help yet again.
I'm trying to bind Booklist for the last half of 1998. Again the publisher
has dazzled me with a confusion of numbering.
I have received Nov.15, 1998 which is numbered V. 95:6;
I also have received Dec 1, 1998 which is numbered 95:8.
I have NOT received Dec. 15, 1998. Someone has suggested that there was no
issue for Dec. 15, 1998. However, I cannot find any reference to the two
December issues being combined.
According to the inside info, the Dec. 1 issue is really No. 7. but where is
No. 8? Jan 1 is No. 9?
Please help clear up this confusion.
Thank you.
Carroll Skelton
Pueblo Library District