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Rhine Cruise 2000 (Karen Muller) Stephen Clark 13 Apr 1999 19:32 UTC

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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 12:20:26 -0500
From: padg@ALA.ORG
Subject: Rhine Cruise 2000


As some of you may have noted, the ALCTS Board of Directors took the following
action at the Midwinter Meeting:  To 1) authorize the ALCTS executive director
confirm the hold on a Rhine Cruise Ship and to proceed with more
detailed planning, and 2) Appoint a planning task force to advise on
the shipboard continuing education program.

Planning has proceeded sufficiently so that we now know that the cruise will
depart (by bus) from Zurich to Basel, where we will board the boat on October
12, 2000.  The boat then goes to Strasbourg, Worms, Rudesheim, and Mainz.  There
is a whole day in Mainz to visit the Gutenberg Museum, and generally partake of
the festivities surrounding the 600th anniversary of Guetnberg's birth.  Then,
we go to Frankfurt, where the boat will dock for three of the days of the
Frankfurt Book Fair.

Before the Board proceeds, we would like a preliminary indication of interest in
such a trip.  The cost would be about $3,000-3,500, plus airfare to Zurich and
from Frankfurt and other personal expenses, such as meals on shore, tips, etc.,
per person double occupancy.

Please le me know if you would be highly likely to sign up for such an event.
Send your response to me at  This is not a commitment, but just
a statement of serious intent to consider.

Thanks for your help--the ALCTS Board wants to embark (pun intended!) on new
activities, yet be good stewards of our budget.

-- Karen Muller
   Executive Director, LAMA/ALCTS
   50 E. Huron Street
   Chicago, IL 60611 USA
   800-545-2433 x5031
   312-280-5031 (direct line)
   fax: 312-280-5033