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Re: SIAM Journals (Kamala Narayanan) Stephen Clark 15 Apr 1999 16:05 UTC

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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 11:34:29 -0400
From: Kamala Narayanan <narayana@STAUFFER.QUEENSU.CA>
Subject: Re: SIAM Journals (Jill Emery)

I found the following information from SIAM's web page at
It gives a fairly good explanation.  At our library we have now decided to
use the vol and issue numbers only...We will ignore the year...

                    Understanding the Citation of SIAM's
                        Accelerated Electronic Articles

                              It's Easier than You Thought

         Now that articles in SIAM's nine research journals (excluding SIAM
Review and Theory of Probability and Its Applications) are being published
electronically on an accelerated basis, there can be some confusion about
how to cite the electronic articles. This is because papers in electronic
issues may be published in the year before the print version of that issue
will be mailed, and because papers may be published in the same electronic
issue across two years.

         The first instance is already the case for many of SIAM's
journals. At press time, six of the nine journals had electronic issues
available, either partially or in their entirety, that will not mail until
1999. SIAM Journal on Computing and SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing
are the most significantly accelerated.

         When citing SIAM's electronic articles, it's important to remember
that SIAM considers the electronic editions to be the definitive editions
for its journals. Mathematical Reviews, the Institute for Scientific
Information, and INSPEC all use the electronic editions for their coverage
of SIAM journals.

         Because SIAM journal papers are published in PDF form in
electronic volumes and issues that correspond to the later print archive,
they are able to be paginated at the time of electronic publication. Thus,
our articles can be fully cited with volume, issue, and page numbers.

         However, a significant difference that must be taken into account
when citing SIAM electronic articles is that the year of publication is the
year of electronic publication, not the year in which the print issue
mails. For example, here is the correct citation, in SIAM style, for the
following article. It was published electronically September 14, 1998, in
volume 28, number 3 of SIAM Journal on Computing, which will be mailed to
print  subscribers in June 1999.

         constant-factor approximation algorithm for the geometric k-MST
problem in the plane, SIAM J. Comput., 28 (1998), pp. 771-781.

         Note that the year of publication in this case is 1998, despite
the fact that the print issue will mail in 1999.

         The year of publication appears as part of the copyright line at
the top of each paper, as well as in a footnote to the paper's title, in
which the complete date of electronic publication is given. To help
eliminate any confusion about the publication date, beginning in 1999 SIAM
will remove the month and year from the print editions of the nine research
journals and replace it with the line "Papers published electronically
[month/year] to        [month/year]." The volume and issue numbers will

         This situation does not currently apply to SIAM Review and Theory
of Probability and Its Applications since these journals are not yet
produced on a paper-by-paper basis. They are published electronically as
complete issues approximately four weeks before the print issue is mailed.

         If you have any questions about citing SIAM's accelerated
electronic articles, please contact Mary Rose Muccie, SIAM's Journals
Publisher, at

Technical assistance and customer support is available Monday through
Friday, excluding holidays, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET by calling (215)
382-9800 or by sending e-mail to

  If you need additional information about accessing SIAM's journals
electronically, contact our Customer Service Department at

                                   SIAM HOME

                     � 1999, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

                        Laura B. Helfrich, Online Services Manager

DJC 11/30/98

At 08:35 AM 1999/04/15 -0400, you wrote:
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>Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 17:31:05 CST
>From: Jill Emery <emery@LIBRARY.UTA.EDU>
>Subject: SIAM Journals
>I'm curious to find out how other academic institutions are checking
>in and representing the 1999 SIAM Journals in their OPACs.
>According to their web page, SIAM is considering the electronic
>date of publication to be the definitive edition of their journals,
>however the print versions of the same issues do not appear until
>months after the electronic version. Therefore, Vol. 20 no. 1 of
>SIAM Journal on Scienitific Computing which has the copyright of
>1999 and would coincide with their publication schedule of: (1999
>Jan.) has on the cover and in the title statement:
>Papers published electronically August 1998.
>When looking for a citation from this issue, the citation from
>MathSciNet had 1999 as the publication date and then a
>parathetical note (electronic).
>Any clarity on how to represent our holdings in an OPAC that
>would coincide with the indexing of these journals would be greatly


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