Journal routing followup (mary Iber) Stephen Clark 16 Apr 1999 17:47 UTC

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Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 12:13:39 CST
From: Mary Iber <Iber@ACT.ORG>
Subject: Journal routing followup

     Many thanks to the 38 libraries who responded to my question about
     routing a little while back. I should have a summary ready for the
     list next week. Of the 38 libraries, 29 still routed at some level.
     I'll try to include excerpts from the *best stories*.

     I'd like to take this issue to a different level.
     If you used to route and stopped, I would appreciate your feedback on
     any or all of the following issues.

     What effects did you notice?

     Did you get feedback from the patrons?

     Were there any changes in your budget and/or subscriptions?

     How do you provide current awareness materials?

     How do you provide research support for staff?

     Have you had any changes in staffing?

     How do you deal with copyright issues?

     For the sake of context, I work in a corporate library with 3 full
     time employees (1 librarian and 2 support staff.) We have 600 journals
     titles, most of which route. Our corporation has about 1,000 employees
     in several locations -- 5 buildings in the same city, plus 10 field
     offices around the country.

     I should be completing my 6 month survey of routing trends in our
     library next month. I am midway through an MLS degree and since I have
     been working in serials for the past 10 years, I decided to do an
     Independent Study course in Serials this semester. My research has
     been both for our library, where routing has become a *hot topic* of
     administrators, and also for getting to a new level of depth of
     learning about serials issues. I am grateful to this list for all the
     knowledge and experience it shares.

     Thanks.  Please reply directly to me. I will provide a summary for the

     Mary Iber
     ACT Library