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Re: MMWR (Greg Hammers) Marcia Tuttle 06 May 1999 17:48 UTC

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Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 12:08:01 -0400
From: Greg Hammers <>
Subject: Re: MMWR (Karen Chobot)

Hi. One of the librarians here at Allegheny General Hospital in sunny
Pittsburgh forwarded to me concerning your binding question.

My personal answer, since I happen to be the "Binding King" at AGH is "Why
bother binding?".

Here's what I found out: I went to listed on the back of MMWR.
I then looked up MMWR on the site. I then pulled a random article from as
late as 1984 (the bibliographis citation could just as well come from a
MEDLINE search), and then hit the "search" button on the MMWR page. I then
loaded the appropiate dates and ran the search, et voila, the article
popped up. One is also able to download an entire issue. It's in Adobe
Acrobat format.

I hope this helps.

Gregory L. Hammers