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Speaking of claiming (Jeanette Skwor) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 11 May 1999 22:04 UTC

Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 16:10:38 -0500
From: Jeanette Skwor <skworj@GBMS01.UWGB.EDU>
Subject: Speaking of claiming

I would like to hear of other's experiences claiming from Elsevier.

We receive their Ecological Abstracts, which we bind.  The October 1998
issue arrived with the back cover and several back, index pages, slashed
and mangled.  I sent out a claim immediately (Nov. 9th).  Three weeks
later (Nov. 17th) I received a form letter from them, saying a replacement
copy "would be sent shortly."

On Jan. 28th, I reclaimed, attaching a photocopy of the promissory letter.
On March 3rd, I received a fresh copy of the same form letter.

On April 5th, I sent a letter, told them of my frustration and attached
photocopies of the previous claims and form letters.

Today I am gathering index volumes for the bindery, and am, of course, not
able to send that volume.  I am wondering if I should just give up and try
to have it repaired as best as can be, in house, or if I should give it
another few weeks--or months.  Thoughts?

Jeanette Skwor
Cofrin Library - UWGB