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NELINET ILL Spring Meeting (Ann Devenish) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 13 May 1999 15:40 UTC

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 10:58:33 -0500
From: Ann Devenish <adevenish@NELINET.NET>
Subject: NELINET ILL Spring Meeting

A reminder:  the registration deadline for the conference is
Thursday May 20, 1999.  If you mailed or faxed your registration
form and have not received an email confirmation, please contact
Kenna Juliani (

What's in store for the conference? Our keynote speakers are
Nada Vaughn, Washington University, and Claudia Morner,
University of New Hampshire.  Inspired by studies of "good ILL
practices," Nada has redesigned and re-implemented ILL service at
Washington University in St Louis, MO.  Together with her we will
look back over the last 20 years and take a peek at the changes in
the near and distant future.  Claudia Morner, a member of the
NELINET Board of Directors, and University Librarian at the
University of New Hampshire will challenge us to rethink the ILL
process with her closing keynote, "But We've Always Done It This

Concurrent breakout sessions over two days will showcase our
talented colleagues as they enlighten us on their innovative
approaches to ILL service.  Karen Jensen, Wellesley College,
and Casandra Fitzherbert, University of S. Maine, will discuss the
differing approaches they've taken to maintain the all-important
statistics and records that must be kept for copyright reporting
and reports to staff and administrators.  Marlayna Gates, Yale
University, and Toni Robertson, Falmouth Public, will discuss
unmediated ILL where end users are allowed and encouraged to
generate their own ILL requests.

Jean Fournier, Lyndon State College, and Kristen Hindes, St
Michael's College, will discuss how they deliver ILL services to
users that never come to the library or even to campus.  Pam
Skinner, Smith College, deals with issues that arise when good
workflow says do it one way, but ILL protocols suggest another
(and often opposite) approach.  Joan Stein, Carnegie Mellon
University, will instruct attendees in the design and development of
user satisfaction surveys so we can find out if they as pleased with
our services as we think they are.

Dan Chudnov, Yale Medical Library, introduces an innovative
technolgy that places the materials and information users request
on their desktop and at their finger tips.  And Bill Mayer, Baker
Library, will take attendees through ways of coping with the
technology-related stress to which all this change and innovation

For program details, registration information, and directions, please
visit the NELINET web site at

Ann W. Devenish (
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Newton, MA  02462-1495
phone: 1-800-635-4638 x 304 (New England only)
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