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Seriality Report Available for Comments (fwd) Birdie MacLennan 24 May 1999 13:59 UTC

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An electronic publication of the
Association for Library Collections & Technical Services

Volume 17, Number 18
May 18, 1999

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As you know, the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR (JSC)
organized and hosted in October 1997 the International Conference on
the Principles and Future Development of AACR.  One of the outcomes of
that Conference is a commissioned report on "seriality issues."  This
report includes recommendations for changes to the Anglo-American
Cataloguing Rules (2nd ed., rev.) "in order to accommodate new forms
of bibliographic resources and to better address the description of
serials and other resources that exhibit seriality."

The report, prepared by CONSER Coordinator Jean Hirons, with the
assistance of Regina Reynolds, Judy Kuhagen, and the CONSER AACR
Review Task Force, is now complete and available for review and
comment on the World Wide Web at:

Comments on the report, and particularly on its "Recommendations and
Future Considerations," are now being actively solicited by the JSC.
These may be addressed to me, no later than September 1, 1999, at: (*Please be sure to include the phrase "JSC
Seriality Report" at
the beginning of your e-mail subject line) or in writing at:

     UCLA Library Administration
     11334 Young Research library
     Box 951575
     Los Angeles, CA  90095-1575

 -- Brian E.C. Schottlaender, ALA Representative to the JSC


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