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Serials Task Group Questionnaire (Rachel Hollis) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 24 May 1999 22:25 UTC

Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 14:49:05 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Serials Task Group Questionnaire

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The Naval Postgraduate School is a degree-granting university whose emphasis
is on study and research programs relevant to the Department of the Navy's
interests, as well as to the interests of the other arms of the Department
of Defense.  The programs are designed to accommodate the unique
requirements of the military.

The Dudley Knox Library is the central library of the Naval Postgraduate
School.  The Serials Task Group, chartered by the Library Director, is part
of the overall reinvention process at the Naval Postgraduate School.  Our
group will be focusing primarily on serials processes.

To assist us in identifying "best practices" and innovative ways of managing
serials processes, we have developed the following questionnaire.  The
collected information will be helpful in assisting us in developing new and
improved serials processes for the Dudley Knox Library.  The STG will be
compiling the results and using them during the out brief phase for the
reinvention process.  We appreciate your time in completing the following

Please check and or write the most appropriate answer(s) for each question
and return the questionnaire by June 7, 1999 to Ms. Rachel Hollis, Serials
Librarian at  Should you have any questions concerning
the questionnaire please contact Ms. Hollis at (831) 656-3324 or

Serials Task Group Questionnaire


____________________ Name of Library
____________________ Point of Contact (for additional information)
____________________ Phone Number
____________________ Fax Number
____________________ E-mail Address
____________________ Total Number of Staff
____________________ Number of Staff involved in Serials Processing


The following definitions are given to help clarify questions in section 3.

    Approval Plan:  A plan where materials that meet certain
library-selected criteria are automatically sent to the Library.
    Ordering:  The process through which materials are selected and
purchased for a library.
    Outsourcing:  Purchased services traditionally done
in-house (i.e. cataloging, receiving, etc.).
    Payment:  The process by which vendor invoices are verified
against received materials, paid and recorded for future reference.
    Receipt:  Delivery of materials to library, unpacking, sorting
for proper handling, claiming of missing issues, cataloging and physical

3.      QUESTIONS:

A.      General
    Do you have documentation and/or flow charts for the
following serials processes:

         Ordering  Yes ___   No ___
         Receipt   Yes___    No ___
         Payment   Yes___    No ___

    If yes are you willing to provide a copy?    Yes___    No ___

        Would you be interested in receiving a copy of our serials
processes?    Yes___    No ___

    Do you use your Integrated Library System (ILS) for the
following serials processes:

         Ordering  Yes ___   No ___
         Receipt   Yes ___   No ___
         Payment   Yes ___   No ___

        Who provides training for the following serials processes?

         Ordering  ILS Vendor ___ In-house ___   Other ___
         Receipt   ILS Vendor ___ In-house ___   Other ___
         Payment   ILS Vendor ___ In-house ___   Other ___

    Do you know of other libraries that are making innovative
changes in their serials processes?    Yes ___   No ___

    If so, please list libraries?

B.  Library Statistics
        Please provide the size of your collection:

                ______  Number of Monographs
                  ______  Number of Periodical Subscriptions

        Please provide the size of your collection for Electronic Resources:

                ______  Number of Internet based Resources
                ______  Number of Networked CD-ROMs
                ______  Number of Stand-alone CD-ROMs

C.      Library ILS
        Which ILS are you using?

    Advance ___    DRA ___   DYNIX ___    GLIS ___
    Horizon ___    Innopac ___    NOTIS ___    PALS ___
    Unicorn ___    Voyager ___    Other _______

        How long have you been using your ILS? ________

        Which ILS modules do you use?  (Please check all that apply)
    Acquisitions ___    Cataloging ___ Circulation ___

    Interlibrary Loans ___   Reserves ___   Serials ___

    Does your ILS support separate modules for the following
functions?  (Please check all that apply)

    Cataloging ___ Fund tracking___    Invoice payment ___
    Ordering ___   Processing ___ Receipt ___

D.  Outsourcing
        Do you outsource any of the following processes?

    Ordering  Yes ___   No ___    If yes, how long? _________
    Receipt   Yes ___   No ___    If yes, how long? _________
    Payment   Yes ___   No ___    If yes, how long? _________

E.  Approval Plans
    If you have approval plans, how long have you been using
them? ______

    What approval plan vendor are you using? ___________________

    Are you satisfied with the service of your approval plan
    Yes ___   No ___

F.      Payment
        Does your library control the payment of invoices for serials?
    Yes ___   No ___

        Does your library participate in any consortia buying arrangements
for serials?
    Yes ___   No ___

        If yes, how are funds transferred between members of the consortia?

        Is the consortia procurement for serials centralized?
    Yes ___   No ___

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  Please
provide any questions or additional information to Ms. Hollis (831) 656-3324