Stand alone software for serials check-in Lessie Young 25 Jun 1999 15:32 UTC

Our library is in the market for an automated serials check-in program.  I
know this is a question that has come up before; the archives have plenty of
the questions but not enough of the answers!

We are a small academic library with about 900 active titles.  We need a
user-friendly program (PC) that will do check-in, and reports.  It should
allow easy editing of master records and check-in data.  A useful bindery
component would be helpful, but not necessary.  We are not so interested in
the financial management aspect of this kind of program.

We have been using a seriously outdated version of Faxon's MicroLinx and
would like to move on.  Our library is using an integrated system, but at
this point we choose not to use their serials module.

I am looking for any advice (pro or con) about products on the market;
companies we should contact; personal experiences with this kind of

Thanks in advance.

Lessie Young
Library Assistant, Periodicals
Pacific Union College
Angwin, California

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