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Re: To trim or not to trim Bonnie Forrest 03 Jun 1999 18:42 UTC

We had to make the same decision some years ago for a similiar reason
and also because of the aging of our collection means that we are
doing progressively more rebinding of serials.  With some of our
rebinds the edge margins was too narrow to consider rebind and we
needed to either withdraw or find the volume is some other format.  By
not trimming you can get an extra rebind out of the volume. However we
gave the binder the instruction to trim serials (but not monographs)
and also gave them the option to not trim when they deem it
inappropriate.  They also "shave" instead of trimming.  This
arrangement seems to have satisified both of us.

I agree with you that the aesthetics of a trimmed volume are nice.

 Bonnie Forrest <BF2@GML.LIB.UWM.EDU>

Linda Hulbert <lhulber@SIUE.EDU> 06/03 12:10 PM  wrote:
> We have recently switched to a new binder.  They report that many of
> their customers have come to prefer their journals untrimmed due to
> the risk to the material of overtrimming or for "preservation issues."
> While a prefer a neatly trimmed journal visually, I am willing to
> consider a "no trim" decision if that's becoming the standard.
> Could I hear from Libraries who have made the decision one way or the
> other and why?
> Thanks. lh
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