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Re: Serials crisis Simone JEROME 07 Jun 1999 07:15 UTC

A 15:56 3/06/99 +0200, Erwin van Veen a �crit :
>Dear all,
>I am a student at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. At the
>moment I am busy with a small investigation for my professor concerning the
>'serials crisis'.
>As for the moment I have collected enough data on the actual rising of
>prices, but the information I am still missing is which kind of action
>already has been taken by which organization to counter the current state
>of affairs (meaning the continual rising of serial prices). Anybody who
>could supply me with more information on this, please do so. I would be
>quite grateful. Any other general information on the problem would be
>welcome too.

Hello Erwin,

I have just written a paper on the subject which was published in
'Les Cahiers de la Documentation'. It is in french but the second
part which is specially devoted to the actual actions contains
many URLs so that you can easily go to the main websites.

The URL of the paper is :

I hope this may help you.

Simone JEROME, Librarian
University of Liege
Institute of chemistry B6
4000 Sart Tilman (Liege 1)

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