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time frame for current periodicals on the shelf (Jennifer van Sickle) Stephen Clark 22 Jun 1999 14:43 UTC

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Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 09:04:22 -0400
From: "van Sickle, Jennifer" <jennifer.vansickle@EXCHANGE.CC.TRINCOLL.EDU>
Subject: time frame for current periodicals on the shelf

Hi everyone,

        We are a small (2000 students) mostly undergraduate liberal arts
college.  I am looking for suggestions or policies on how long other
libraries keep bound periodicals in the open stacks.  We currently do not
have a formal policy in place re: the length of time bound periodicals stay
in the stacks before being relegated to the basement.  The basement is
currently closed to the public, and we shelve by LC call numbers.    Since
our shelf space is not infinite, we find that some titles, especially
science periodicals, have nowhere to go but directly to the basement; other
titles such as those in the humanities don't grow as quickly.

Are decisions made on a title by title basis?  Subject matter? Is it an
arbitrary decision depending on how much space there happens to be?  Is this
information available to the public?

I'll summarize for the list if there's enough interest.  Thank you in

Jennifer van Sickle M.L.S.
Serials librarian/Science bibliographer
Trinity College
300 Summit St.
Hartford CT 06106

(860) 297-2250 phone
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