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Re: ScreenScan Anne Stovall 25 Aug 1999 02:56 UTC

Dear Jane

I haven't used ScreenScan, but had a demonstration of the product.  After
much consideration we decided not to invest in ScreenScan because we had
old microfilm machines.  Instead the library purchased Cannon Microfilm
Digital Printers which has the capability to scan microfilm onto the

Ann Stovall
Oak Lawn Public Library
Oak Lawn, IL

Jane Devine wrote:

> Hello Colleagues:
>  Has anyone used ScreenScan, a microfilm scanner that can be mounted on
> most reader/printers in order to transform mf into digital images for
> sending or storing.  I haven't been able to find any reviews or
> commentary about this product, only what they say about themselves.  I
> would appreciate any comments or opinions about how the product works, its
> cost and its effectiveness.
> My thanks in advance.   Jane Devine
>                         LaGuardia Community College Library
>                           <DEJLG@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>