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_Journal of Internet Cataloging_ Special Issue (Gerry Mckiernan) Marcia Tuttle 02 Aug 1999 10:50 UTC

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Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 13:58:30 -0500
Subject: _Journal of Internet Cataloging_ Special Issue

  A year ago, I had the great honor and privilege of participating in a Colloquium on Library Science Research entitled "Internet, Metadata and Information Access to Libraries and Networks
in the Electronic Age" at the University Center for Library Science Research (CUIB) of the National Autonomous University of
Mexico (UNAM)

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During the conference I had the pleasure of meeting
Michael Gorman, Dean of the California State University Library, Fresno,  who gave the colloquium's keynote address; Robin Wendler, Office of Information Systems, Harvard University; Judith Hopkins, University of Buffalo and owner of the Autocat e-list;
Sandy Roe of Dakota State University; Traugott Koch of the NetLab of Lund University; and several Mexican librarians and information specialists as well as faculty associated with CUIB, including its director
Lic. Elsa Ramirez Leyva, and Dr. Filberto Felipe Martinez-Arellano and Lic. Lina Escalona-Rios, joint
coordinators of the Colloquium.

   Earlier this summer selected papers from the Colloquium were re-published in an issue of the _Journal of Internet Cataloging_ 2(1) . Abstracts of these  papers can be read at

   I invite my colleagues to review this contents page and when opportunity presents itself to read these excellent contributions [I wish to personally thank Dr. Ruth Carter, editor of JIC, for considering these papers for re-publication in a special issue, and CUIB for its permission]. Although not include in JIC, the presentation by Traugott Koch is available online at:

  All  conference papers, including a number by
our Mexican and Latin colleagues, are scheduled to be published / have been published in a separate
conference proceedings.

  I wish to formally thank my hosts at CUIB for their gracious hospitality and kindness, for their support, and for the opportunity to participate in this most informative, stimulating, and provocative program.


/Gerry McKiernan
Curator, CyberStacks(sm)
Science and Technology Librarian and Bibliographer
Iowa State University Library
Ames IA 50011