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Printers for check-in (registration) (Clive Simmonds) Marcia Tuttle 04 Aug 1999 18:07 UTC

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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 18:33:13 +0100
From: Clive Simmonds <cas@ULA.CAM.AC.UK>
Subject: Printers for check-in (registration)

We are currently checking-in about 500 periodicals a day using our own
in-house serials automation system.  But the library is hoping to find an
integrated library package including cataloguing / accessions /
circulation / periodicals, so what is a highly successful stand alone
system is probably going to be consigned to the dust-heap.

At the moment our check-in instantly generates a self-adhesive label as
each item is checked-in (using an attached Mistral Printer).  These labels
serve as our ownership stamp and include title and issue details and
shelf-marks. I have seen no commercial system that does this.

Can anyone advise me on a largish, successful integrated periodicals
system which could also produce labels ?

And most of the other systems I have seen have struck me as very slow
(even in calling up records) and generally rather cumbersome.  Are there
any really good systems out there ?

Clive Simmonds                                

Head of the Periodicals Department
Cambridge University Library
West Road
United Kingdom