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CSISAC September Roundtable--The Missing Link? (Virginia Roy) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 27 Aug 1999 20:05 UTC

Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 14:23:36 -0400
From: Virginia Roy <royv@FAXON.CA>
Subject: CSISAC September Roundtable - The Missing Link? :  ... The Benefits of
 Linking Technology in Your Library

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The Missing Link?: Understanding and Using the Benefits of Linking
Technology in Your Library

Linking is fast becoming the trend to watch. Database creators, aggregators,
system vendors and secondary source suppliers are creating alliances to
integrate their data and systems in ways never before thought possible.

In the not-to-distant future online researchers will seamlessly move through
links in full-text articles, OPACs, indices and web sites as they conduct
their research.  A truly fluid and boundaryless world all brought about by

Learn from our panel of experts about how linking works, why linking works,
how it will impact on your collection and how it effects how we think about
and manage serials.

Date   :  Monday September 20, 1999
Time   :  9:30 - noon  (to be followed by the AGM)
Place  :  Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library
          Beeton Auditorium
          789 Yonge Street

Panel  :  Mary Grace Palumbo - Project Manager, Content Development
                               Dawson Information Quest

          Michael Tavares  -  Regional Manager, Canada

To register for this FREE programme, send your name, affiliation and contact
information to :  or call  416-440-8900

This programme is open to all members of the library and information
community. Preference will be given to CSISAC members if space fills up. To
avoid disappointment send your registration today.

CSISAC's annual general meeting will occur at the conclusion of the
Roundtable. We invite all those interested to remain for our brief AGM.

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