Reed International in the news .... Birdie MacLennan 08 Jun 2000 16:55 UTC

FYI, an excerpt from a news item in the June 8 (today) online version of
_The Times_.  Coincidence (or none whatsoever!) that this should
share the Business column headlines with today's news re. Judge Jackson's
decision in the U.S. to split apart Microsoft?

        Birdie MacLennan <>

Source:  "Reed defies the media trend" [by] Nick Hasell, _The Times_
(Online) (June 8, 2000) Cf.
or (via the frames version): choose "Business"
and scroll down to "Stock Market ..."

"Reed International secured the top slot in the FTSE 100 on a
  poor day for media blue chips as analysts continued to warm
  to strategy comments from Crispin Davis, the business
  publisher's recently installed chief executive.

  Mr Davis told analysts on Tuesday that Reed is in talks with a
  range of Internet service providers on content tie-ups, while
  the company will exceed its target of £130 million of cost
  savings this year.  Reed Elsevier - the Anglo-Dutch combine that
  trades in London as Reed International - also said it should have
  replaced 12 of its 15 top executives by September ... "