MSDS Sheets (Jody Newton) Marcia Tuttle 17 Aug 2000 14:01 UTC

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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 19:03:11 -0400
From: "Newton, Jody" <Jody.Newton@FEMA.GOV>
Subject: MSDS Sheets

I was hoping someone could help me out with some information.  The publisher
we currently get our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) from (Genium
Publishing) is switching over to a CD-ROM-only format.  Due to the nature of
our library, we would strongly prefer to keep them in print format.  I am
looking for a new publisher that still prints them out on actual paper.

We would also like to find someone who prints them in the same quantity and
quality that we currently have.  Right now we have 4 - 3" binders *full*,
seperated by Organic vs. Tradename with all the necessary indexes and such.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

You can reply directly to me, since this isn't really pressing to the whole
list.  Thanks in advance!

Jody Newton
National Emergency Training Center Library