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Historic data on frequency changes Fernando Gomez 12 Jan 2001 20:29 UTC

Dear list members:

I would like to know which solutions are there (if any) to the following

I need to know the detailed publication history of a title. I mean, all
the variations in frequency or publication pattern since the first issue.
The problem is not for a specific title, but for a large quantity, since
we are planning to organize a union catalogue of serials. The reason why
the complete historical data is needed, regardless of the specific
collection you are cataloguing, has to do with some very interesting
features of the software we will use. The fact is that I need that
information, even for those portions of the run which are not presently
held by the libraries.

It seems to me that this information should be available somewhere,
ideally in a sufficiently trustable database. I have consulted 'ISSN
Compact' and 'Ulrichs on Disc', but both of them only mention the current
frequency of every title.

Does anybody have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

Fernando J. Gomez
Biblioteca Central
Universidad Nacional del Sur
Bahia Blanca