Re: Duplicate issues (4 messages) Birdie MacLennan 31 Jul 2001 21:45 UTC

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Date:         Tue, 31 Jul 2001 14:41:58 -0500
From:         Melissa H. Fayad <FayadM@MISSOURI.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Duplicate issues

The only option that I can see (and we do this on occasion when we notice
many duplicates) is to keep the mailing labels with the piece until it is
checked in.

Melissa H. Fayad
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Date:         Tue, 31 Jul 2001 16:07:04 -0400
From:         Marilee Rouillard <mrouilla@KEENE.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Duplicate issues

As we sort the mail we divide it into 2 piles.  One pile is wrapped mail
and as it is unwrapped the label is clipped off and put inside the issue.
The other pile is mail that has the address stamped on.  This sort is to
determine where the issues go, but it does give us the chance to split it.
Rarely do we open someone else's issue this way and we have that label
when it is required.  It does take longer, but I usually have student
workers doing the mail.

Marilee H. Rouillard, Periodicals Supervisor
Mason Library, Keene State College
229 Main St.
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Date:         Tue, 31 Jul 2001 16:00:16 -0500
From:         Jeanette Skwor <skworj@UWGB.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Duplicate issues

***When we open the mail, the wrapper or separate label sheet is slipped
into the issue, and discarded at checkin time- that is to say, on *all* of
the issues.  We've needed them for other problems (getting site
connections, for example) & just made it a habit to keep the labels until
the issues are checked in.

***In the case of issues that arrive on separate days, we put a note on
the checkin record and save the label we have in a "1/2 dups" file.

Jeanette L. Skwor
Serials Dept.
Cofrin Library
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Green Bay, WI 54311-7001
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Date:         Tue, 31 Jul 2001 14:03:53 -0700
From:         Beverly Butler <butler@LIB.STATE.CA.US>
Subject:      Re: Duplicate issues

We save all mailing wrappers for a period of one week.  That usually
catches the duplicates, but isn't foolproof.

Beverly Butler
California State Library

Teri Boardman <boardman@CL.UH.EDU> wrote:

Our vendor has asked us to send copies of the mailing labels whenever we
receive duplicates of journals. We do the best we can when our regular
mail person is her. She catches the duplicates and keeps the plastic cover
with the labels on them. I then fax all the pertinent info to our vendor
and they send it to the publisher. The problem arises whenever we have a
substitute mail person or the issues are received on different days. If
the labels aren't glued to the magazine then we are out of luck. Has
anyone had this problem and how have you solved it?

 Teri Boardman
 University of Houston-Clear Lake