Haworth, Serials Librarian, etc. Birdie MacLennan 13 Jul 2001 21:51 UTC

Hi Folks -

Just two things:

* I just wanted to confirm, in follow-up to Dani Lichtenberg's message of
July 10, that our library has indeed received v.40:no.1/2 (2001), the
first part of the NASIG Proceedings as of today, July 13.  This issue was
received 8 days after v.40:no.3/4 (2001), which was checked-in on July 5.

* While I can't say definitively that I agree or disagree with the number
of points that have been raised this week, I would like to remind folks
who are transmitting messages to this list to weigh the weight of their
words before hitting the "send" key, and to keep the tone courteous and
respectful toward all list participants (individuals and groups).
Information-oriented messages that offer alternatives and possible
solutions to current issues and controversies go a long way in broadening
each of our diverse perspectives, while continuing to encourage dialogue
and exchange of ideas among all the players in the serials community.

Best regards, and happy week-end !

        Birdie MacLennan
        Coordinator, Serials & Cataloging
        SERIALST Listowner/Moderator
        University of Vermont