Art newspaper [microform] -source & price Rachel Hollis 30 Jul 2001 15:19 UTC

I've been looking for a source and price for Art Newspaper, ISSN:
0960-6556, in microfilm.  So far I've failed.  I've contacted our main
supplier of print and microform titles but they do not handle the title.
I have tried to contact Library of Congress Photoduplication Service as
they are listed in the reproduction note but have had no joy.  I've also
contacted the publishers all for nought.  Are there folks out in Serials
Land who receive this title in microfilm?  Could you let me know from whom
and for how much?  Thank you.

Rachel Hollis, serials librarian/cataloger
Robert Crown Library
Stanford Law School
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Stanford, CA 94305-8612
vox: 650-725-4830, fax: 650-723-8657