jake (Bob Scheier) ERCELAA@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu 06 Aug 2001 15:18 UTC

Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 10:11:19 -0400
From: Bob Scheier <rscheier@nyit.edu>
Subject: Re: Controlling Electronic Journals

I would like to start a discussion about Jake (http://jake.med.yale.edu). I
am concerned that librarians are more and more turning to commercial vendors
to solve all our problems. My feeling is that we need to cooperate more and
depend less on vendors. If we continually outsource everything we become
more and more at the mercy of the corporate bottom line.

Jake has a huge start on managing electronic journals if we were to all help
in maintaining this project, perhaps we would not have to buy more
commercial software. I just wanted to throw this our there to  see if anyone
else is thinking about this. What do people think of Jake?


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