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SciELO News - no. 1 - February/2002 (fwd) Birdie MacLennan 01 Feb 2002 23:00 UTC

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Subject: SciELO News - nº 1 - February/2002

Scientific Electronic Library Online

SciELO News - nº 1 - February/2002

SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online (
received the international recognition in its mission to promote the
visibility, access, and credibility of the scientific publications
produced in Brazil, Latin America and Caribbean.

An investigation of two researchers from the University of Oxford,
published this week in Nature (Regional network raises profile of local
journals, Nature 415, 471-2, 31 jan. 2002) verifies that the impact factor
of five Brazilian journals indexed on the ISI - Institute for Scientific
Information had an average increase of 132,7%.

That news represents a significant advance in the role of the electronic
publication as a way of dissemination and assessment of the scientific
communication in the developing countries, and reaffirms the importance of
the SciELO network for the creation and consolidation of that scenario.

The site SciELO Brasil (, in operation since 1998, is
already consolidated among the researchers as a reference for scientific
research on the Internet and, among the editors, as a synonym of quality
for the national scientific publication in electronic format. Its success
created opportunities for the development of other national sites, as
SciELO Chile and SciELO Cuba, and of the thematic site SciELO Public
Health, which brings together newspapers of Latin America and Spain in the
public health area. SciELO network soon will be joined by Spain, Portugal,
Venezuela and Costa Rica, countries that already have adopted the model
and should operate its national collections regularly in 2002.

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