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e-journal title changes (Chris Blackman) Marcia Tuttle 28 Feb 2002 20:35 UTC

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Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:29:27 -0500
From: Chris Blackman <Christine.W.Blackman@WILLIAMS.EDU>
Subject: e-journal title changes

Cross-posted to AUTOCAT.

I'm curious if other serial catalogers have set a standard practice for
dealing with title changes that have not been acknowledged by the
aggregator. CCM 31.19 says "when changes in title ... occur, create new
records in accordance with AACR2 and LCRIs," but I haven't noticed this
to be consistent practice. Is that due to the aggregator not listing the
title on its opening screen?

Currently I'm looking at the title change from THE STATISTICIAN to
which is not reflected in JSTOR (as I understand from communications
with them a while ago, because the ISSN did not change).

I believe that the last time I encountered this, I accepted the 246
"Vols. for [date]-   also called:", but I have since encountered a
number of separate records for succeeding titles where this happens in
other aggregators (Muse, OUP I believe).

The OCLC record for the print STATISTICIAN is closed as of 1992 and has
the 785 for the later title. There is a record for the JSTOR version of
the succeeding title (#44048931) but holdings are only 5 compared to the
238 holdings attached to THE STATISTICIAN (ONLINE).

Any thoughts are welcome.



BTW: the 856 $u is incorrect on (#44048931) and I don't have enhance
status. Currently it points to JSTOR's ANNUAL REVIEW OF ANTHROPOLOGY.

Christine W. Blackman
Catalog Librarian
Williams College Libraries
Williamstown, MA  01267
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