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Formulae for Periodicals Subscriptions (Marilyn Gane) Marcia Tuttle 20 Feb 2002 21:55 UTC

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Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 16:27:18 -0500
From: Marilyn Gane <mgane@ANDREWS.EDU>
Subject: Formulae for Periodicals Subscriptions

We are a university library with one (small) bucket of money for
periodical subscriptions, and another bucket for monographs. We use a
rough formula to allocate money by department for monograph expenditure,
but are interested in knowing if any of you currently use formulae to
allocate funding by department for  periodicals subscriptions? Also,
have any of you used formulae in the past, but no longer do so? and why?

Please respond to me directly at
If there is any interest, I can summarize responses for the list
Thanks in advance

Marilyn Gane
Andrews University