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Re: Industry Week numbering -- Christine Hill Stephen Clark 01 May 2002 20:38 UTC

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Subject: Re: Industry Week numbering -- Karen Chobot
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 08:16:25 +1200
From: Christine Hill <christine.hill@AUT.AC.NZ>

Hello Karen
Looking at the electronic version, through Proquest, the May issues
is indeed number 4, and the Feb. issue number 1.

Christine Hill
Team Leader, Arts & Humanities
Auckland University of Technology Library
PO Box 92006
Ph: 09 917 9999 ext. 8563

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Subject: Industry Week numbering
   Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 10:33:28 -0500
   From: Karen Chobot <karen.chobot@NDSCS.NODAK.EDU>

I hate to keep revisiting this, but now I have a May issue of Industry
week marked #4 instead of #5.  Have I missed something?  Did they decide
that Feb. is #1 after all?

There was a statement from the publisher that Feb should be #2, which
makes May #5 according to my reckoning.  Does anyone have anything new or
brilliant to suggest?

Thanks, Karen.

Karen M. Chobot MLS
Mildred Johnson Library
800 N. 6th St.
Wahpeton ND 58076


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