Re: LDR's on OCLC for electronic journals Carol Morse 30 Aug 2002 17:56 UTC

So far, we have been adding only our symbol and no LDR's to the OCLC
record for e-journals.  (I am referring to freebies; I'm not sure what
to do about those that we pay for).
Carol Morse

>>> ad1985@WAYNE.EDU 08/29/02 08:46AM >>>
This were questions I raise at recent NASIG conference and I could
use information from the serials world.

Who is  --  if you have electronic only access to a journal:

1) Adding your holding symbol to OCLC record

2) Adding as Local Data Record to OCLC

3) Updating the LDR as additional years (backfiles) are made available
electronically by vendors/publishers.

I realize there may be many variations in the answers -- but I would
to hear from you.  Thanks  Diane

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