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Vendor advice sought Elaine Donnelly 07 Aug 2002 21:03 UTC

Dear Serialsts,

I need a reality check.   We have an arrangement whereby serial ordering is
decentralized across our entire organization. The library is just another
department in this arrangement, with no oversight functions.  Our subscription
vendor deals directly with a designated person in each department for orders,
claims and renewals.  Invoices are sent directly to our organization's A/P
department, and each department gets reports from the vendor so that we don't
need to see the invoice to check for errors.

Does anyone else out there have a similar decentralized arrangement,
particularly in a corporate or nonprofit setting?  Would you be willing to
discuss some vendor issues with me, off-list?

Elaine Donnelly, Librarian/Technical Services
National Geographic Society Library
1145 17th Street NW, Washington DC  20036-4688
202-857-7794 voice ; 202-429-5731 fax