Re: Index on Censorship - successful claims? Mark Hemhauser 14 Aug 2002 18:47 UTC

They are terrible at honoring claims. I've written to them suggesting that
they are censoring themselves. We were never able to get them to send us
v.27:6 (1998) . They finally said either that it was no longer available or
that they sent it a second time and too bad if we didn't receive it. We
were able to get v.30:4 after eight months of aggressive claiming.
Aggressive meaning I get very demanding...Actually, maybe our subscription
agent dug up a copy of it for us.

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Hello all -

I was wondering if there are any other libraries who have had trouble
with their claims to "Index on Censorship"  It took them almost 2 years
to make good on one 1999 issue.  We never received any 2000 issues
(even with constant claiming) and have yet to receive them!
The membership editor does not even respond to the claims.  Anyone else
experience this or have they just singled us out for frustration!

Please e-mail me off-list - Thanks!

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