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It looks as though the abbreviation of phil is incorrect.  It may be
philos (philosophical?) or philol (philological?)  So it could be either
Combined Philosophical Transactions or Combined Philological
Transactions.  These societies were publishing transactions in 1908:
Royal Society of London - philosophical transactions, American
Philosophical Society - transactions, American Philological Association
- transactions and proceedings, and the Philological Society (UK) -

Hope this helps.

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A patron asked me about this citation for what we assume is a serial.
any of you have any ideas what this might be? or where we might look?

"I am trying to verify the following 1908 serial citation:
>comb. phil. trans.
>I have looked in the obvious: ulrichs, periodical title abbrev, new
>titles, the harvard catalogue, the cambridge catalogue, mathscinet, the
>old science abstracts, google, guesses on oclc, and the pre-56."
Thanks in advance for any help.


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