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Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 08:26:38 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear Colleagues:

This is an announcement you have been waiting for!!!

ALCTS AACR2 2002 and Metadata Regional Institutes


Chicago (Nov. 1-2, 2002), Washington, D.C. (Nov. 4-5, 2002),

Orlando, FL (Feb. 21-22, 2003), and, San Jose, CA (April 4-5, 2003)

For more information and registration, please visit ALCTS Web Site at:

  AACR2 2002 Edition will be comprehensively revised and published in
September!  The Library of Congress will implement this edition on
December 1, 2002!  Please come to attend one of the Institutes to get
ready for this big challenge!

The ALCTS AACR2 2002 and Metadata Regional Institutes include experts
speaking and training on new concepts, revised and expanded chapters of
the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd Edition, 2002 Revised Edition,
MARC 21, and the applications of these rules and formats.  It also
explores new approaches to cataloging resources, especially the
practicalities of dealing with metadata for Web resources with a vision
for the future.

Learn from the experts the most effective and most efficient
applications for cataloging by applying the new concepts and new and
revised rules included in AACR2 2002 chapters 1, 3, 9, 12, 21 and other
relevant chapters.   New information and revisions to AACR2 will be
compared and implications for MARC 21 will be included in the presentations.

Scopes and topics range from cataloging in a dynamic electronic age to
the how-to's of creating records in various formats including:
cartographic materials, continuing resources, databases, electronic
resources, newly defined integrating resources, legal and loose-leaf
publications, serials, three dimensional items, video recordings, visual
images and Web Sites.  Also included are the steps to building a
Metadata repository, standards, thesauri and the development of
authority files to enhance end-user access as a means to provide
integrated access to diverse information resources.

Faculty and Topics

Acclaimed library professionals and educators have been invited to serve
as faculty for these Institutes.  They will give in-depth presentation
on the following topics:

"AACR and Metadata : Library Opportunities in the Global Semantic Web -
LC, IFLA, Dublin Core, Virtual International Authority Files, and More"
by Dr. Barbara B. Tillett, Chief, Cataloging Policy and Support Office,
Library of Congress.

"More Than Books:  Access to Locally-Held Materials in Alternative
Media", by Dr. Sheila S. Intner, Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of
Library & Information Science, Simmons College.

"The New Chapter 12 for AACR 2002", by Steve Shadle, Serials Cataloging
Librarian, University of Washington Libraries.

"Electronic Integrating Resources: AACR 2002 for Updating Web Sites and
Databases", by Steven Jack Miller, Head, Monographs Dept., University of
Wisconsin--Milwaukee Library.

"Amendments 2001: Changes to Chapter 9", by Nancy B. Olson, Retired
Professor, Minnesota State University, Mankato.

"Chapter 3 Twenty Years Later:  Changes in Cataloging Cartographic
Materials", by Mary Lynette Larsgaard, Assistant Head, Map and Imagery
Laboratory, University of California, Santa Barbara Libraries.

"There Ought to be A Law:  AACR2 2002 Amendments, Integrating Resources
and Updating Loose-Leafs", by Rhonda K. Lawrence, Head of Cataloging,
UCLA School of Law.

"Developing the Metadata Repository", by Grace Agnew, Associate
University Librarian for Digital Library Systems, Rutgers University

"Metadata Schemas and Contolled Vocabularies for Art, Architecture, and
Material Culture", by

Dr. Murtha Baca, Head, Standards Program or, Dr. Patricia Harpring,
Managing Editor, Getty Vocabulary Program, Getty Research Institute

ALCTS is proud to sponsor these critically important AACR2 2002 and
Metadata Regional Institutes. To become a well-informed and
knowledgeable librarian for the 21st Century, visit ALCTS Web Site at:

Space is limited. Sign up today for an ALCTS AACR2 2002 and Metadata

Program Chair

Sally C. Tseng

ALCTS AACR2 2002 and Metadata Regional Institutes

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