Re: Salary information -- Diane M. Lewis Stephen Clark 03 Sep 2002 18:28 UTC

Subject: Re: Salary information
From: "Diane M Lewis" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 12:22:16 -0400

Not only is the aboveboard discussion of salaries infrequent in the
workplace, but monetary awards are often awarded in secrecy.  Everyone
usually knows who pulls their own weight and more, who is a drag on the
enterprise, and who uses flattery, etc. to secure perks.  Since all of the
undiscussed, undisclosed information on salaries and other perks tends to
leak out anyway--staff resentment occurs mostly when the rewards go to
those perceived as unworthy.

Kudos to UNC-Chapel Hill for their recent vacancy posting on this list--the
salary was stated right up front and seemed to be a living wage for the
geographic area.

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