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Subject: Re:  Fun serials titles
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 15:46:19 -0400

I just had to add in a couple fire and disaster specific titles that we get

'Journal of Practical Civil Defense' - this is no longer published.  I
thought this was hysterical when I first came across it.  There must be
somewhere out there a Journal of IMpractical Civil Defense, where they
teach you to hide under your desk in case of a nuclear attack.

'Stop Disasters,' which makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, like
someon is giving me an unreasonable command.

'Speaking of Fire.'  This is one we could all drop in on a conversation
occasionally:  "...and so, speaking of fire, ...."

Finally, 'Journal of Traumatic Stress,' which I always thought was
appropriate to come to this Library.  Same with 'Journal of Human
Performance in Extreme Environments.'  As one of my co-workers said,
"Jeez, they could do a whole ISSUE on this place!"

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