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Question: training for AACR2 Ch. 12 changes -- Kay Teel Stephen Clark 13 Sep 2002 20:11 UTC

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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 10:28:35 -0700
From: Kay Teel <>
Subject: Question: training for AACR2 Ch. 12 changes


I'd like to know how other libraries are handling in-house training of
their serials cataloging staff for the upcoming changes to AACR2 Chapter
12, which LC will implement on Dec. 1. Specifically:
* Whom are you targeting for training? Just cataloging staff, or have you
included staff from other departments (serials check-in, reference areas,
branch libraries)?
* Which materials do you use to train your staff? Have you found any of the
available web resources or Power Point presentations to be very useful and
customizable for your situation? If so, which ones? (Specifically, which
ones were useful for covering changes to the cataloging of print material?)
* Any tips, caveats, advice?

Any help appreciated!
--Kay Teel

Serials Catalog Librarian and Cataloger for the Arts
Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources