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Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 14:52:46 -0500
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Subject: Submissions for "News from the Field"  Column for JIC

                 Submissions for "News from the Field"  Column for
                           _ Journal of Internet Cataloging_

For my next "News from the Field" column for the _Journal of Internet
Cataloging: The International Quarterly of Digital Organization,
Classification, and Access_ (JIC), I would appreciate any and all news
items about current or planned efforts for organizing or providing
enhanced access to Internet or Web resources. The homepage for JIC is

     [ ]

A free sample electronic issue of JIC is available at

   [ ]

[The "News from the Field" column for this sample issue begins on page


For "News from the Field", I am interested in relevant conferences,
workshops, discussions, institutes, presentations, and/or other
programs. I am also interested in current or completed
digital/digitization projects, as well as noteworthy articles,
journals, newsletters or other print or electronic publications.

NOTE:  Significant PowerPoint presentations are a current  interest!
[e.g.,[ ] [:-)]

     Although submissions are accepted at any time, I would most
appreciate receiving any submissions for my next column no later than

                            ***OCTOBER 1,  2002***.



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