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From: Beverly Butler <>
Subject: Re: Fun serial titles -- Max Shenk

Two of our favorites are The Bull Guide (annual of Western Livestock
Journal) and Pest Control magazine.  I guess that says something about us!
Beverly Butler
California State Library

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 >Can't think of one offhand, although I thought that THE CRISIS was
 >pretty funny the day that we received duplicate issues and I complained
 >to my assistant, "Man, if it's not one CRISIS around here, it's
 >And we have yet to receive duplicate issues of SCHIZOPHRENIA BULLETIN,
 >but I'm awaiting that day.
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 >Subject: Fun serial titles
 >Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 07:38:16 -0700
 >At the risk of starting up a frivolous and time-wasting thread, I
 >wonder if
 >we shouldn't consider instituting an award for Most Idiosyncratically
 >Charming Serial Title of All Time.  This thought occurred to me
 >after I encountered my personal favorite: The Progressive
 >(Are there reactionary fish-culturists?)
 >I'm sure someone out there has come across even better ones.  If so,
 >love to hear what they are.
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